Saturday, January 15, 2011

Build!IT Desktop

Our solution is successfully tested with Build!IT Desktop | BuildIT | Metrology Software Solutions & Services for Portable CMMs.
Permanent, all modules, all devices license regeneration for Build!IT Desktop Software products is possible.
All major OS, 32 and 64 bit configurations is supported.

Successfully tested products and version (last version ATM).
Build!IT Desktop v3.0.23
Build!IT Inspect
Build!IT Inspect Advanced
Build!IT Engineer
Build!IT Paraboloid Analysis
Build!IT Measure - FARO Trackers
Build!IT Measure - Leica Trackers
Build!IT Measure - FARO Arms
Build!IT Measure - FARO ScanArm
Build!IT Measure - Romer-Cimcore Arms
Build!IT Measure - API Trackers
Build!IT Measure - Microscribe Arms
Build!IT Measure - Simultaneous device
Build!IT Databridge - CATIA 4 Reader
Build!IT Databridge - CATIA 4 Writer
Build!IT Databridge - Catia V5 Reader
Build!IT Databridge - Parasolids Reader
Build!IT Databridge - Unigraphics Reader
Build!IT Databridge - AIMS GD&T Reader
Build!IT COM Server
Build!IT License - Leica T-Scan

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Build!IT Desktop

As always contact us for more details and info - rceguru(at)googlemail(dot)com.