Sunday, July 6, 2014

Software news July 2014

Tested with Sentinel HASP, Sentinel SuperPro emulator and custom made license.
XCAP-M v.5.9.33

Tested products with Sentinel HASP emulato.
NEMO Outdoor
NEMO Invex
NEMO Outdoor
NEMO Invex
NEMO Analyze

Apparel Craft Equipment (ACE) LTD
Tested products with custom license.
Ace D.I.S.C v.4.14 

Tested products with Sentinel HASP emulator.
TEMS Investigation 16.0.0
TEMS Investigation 16.0.1 
TEMS Discovery Device Professional

Tested products with Sentinel SuperPro emulator.
BuildIT 2014 SP3

Fine Software - Structural engineering software
Tested products with Sentinel HASP emulator.
GEO5 version 18
FIN EC version 3
TRUSS4 version 1 

GMGColor Software
Tested last products with MARX dongle emulator and custom license.
GMG ColorProof 
GMG DotProof 
GMG FlexoProof
GMG ProofControl
GMG ColorServer Suite SP2
GMG InkOptimizer Suite SP2

GMG ProductionSuite 2.06 (build 7985)

Itasca Software Codes
Tested with Sentinel SuperPro emulator with custom license. 
FLAC 7.00 32-bit 7.00.420
FLAC\Slope 7.00 32-bit 7.00
FLAC3D 5.01 32-bit 5.01.119
FLAC3D 5.01 64-bit 5.01.119
UDEC 6.00 32-bit 6.00.289
UDEC 6.00 64-bit 6.00.289
3DEC 5.00 32-bit 5.00.170
3DEC 5.00 64-bit 5.00.170
PFC 5.00 64-bit 5.00.10
Kubrix 32-bit 14.0.0
Kubrix 64-bit 14.0.0 

Matrix Software
Tested products with Sentinel SuperPro emulator.
MatrixFrame 5.1 - Service Pack 3

Microsip ERP Software
Tested with Sentinel HASP emulator with all modules.
Microsip 2014 Premium (v. and v.
Microsip 2014 Corporativa
(v. and v.  

ONYX Graphics, Inc.
Tested with Sentinel HASP emulator. 
ONYX Thrive v.11.1 Textile Edition
ONYX ProductionHouse v.11.1 Textile Edition
ONYX PosterShop v.11.1 Textile Edition
ONYX RipCenter v.11.1 Textile Edition

Osaka Embroidery
Tested with custom license. 
Osaka D.I.S.C v.4.14 Platinum

Perla Digitizing Software
Tested with custom license.
Perla 8800s - Build 2577
Perla Premium - Build 2577

Photon Engineering
Tested with Sentinel SuperPro/UltraPro emulator. 
FRED 13.60 Optimum

FRED 13.60 Interactive

Ricoma Embroidery
Tested with custom license.
Ricoma D.I.S.C v.4.15 Gold
Ricoma D.I.S.C v.4.15 Platinum

Tested with Sentinel SuperPro emulator.
SimulationX 3.6.2

StruSoft Structural Design Software
Tested products with Sentinel SuperPro emulator and custom license.
FEM-Design 13.01
PRE-Stress 6.4
VIP-Energy 2.1
Concrete Beam 6.4
Concrete Column 6.4
Concrete Corbel 6.4
Concrete Section 6.4
Foundation 6.4
Frame Analysis 6.4
Masonry Design 6.4
Punching 6.4
Retaining Wall 6.4
SBI Steel Connections 6.4
Settlement 6.4
Stålkalkylator 5.3

Tested with Sentinel HASP dongle emulator.

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